Legal Assistant Kim-Kemp

Kim Kemp ~ Legal Assistant

Kim Kemp has been employed as a legal assistant and paralegal by the Vancouver City Attorney’s Office and, for the past 12 years, by the Law Office of Kathleen McCann. She is highly skilled and experienced in preparation of legal documents  in family law, adoption and guardianship.  She is skilled in written and oral communication with court personnel, scheduling cases, and has a high degree of understanding of the court process.

Kim assists daily in drafting a variety of legal documents and appears frequently on the Clark County Superior Court’s ex parte docket to present orders for entry by the Court.

Kim enjoys an excellent relationship with the Judges, Commissioners, Judicial Assistants, and Court Clerks which has been developed over years.

In her off work time, Kim is married and has raised four children.  Her children are very accomplished and athletic and Kim enjoys photography and taking pictures at her kids sporting events.