Family Law / Divorce / Legal Separation / Modifications

Family Law
Kathleen McCann provides clients with sound legal advice and professional preparation of legal pleadings.  She is a strong advocate in court and keeps clients well informed on all aspects of their case.  Having the assistance of a skilled lawyer is crucial to getting a just and enforceable outcome.

Ms. McCann provides legal services in a range of family law cases including:

  • Contested and uncontested matters
  • As an attorney for a party in mediated, negotiated, or arbitrated settlements
  • Child custody disputes and parenting plans
  • Legal separations and dissolution of marriage
  • Modification of child support and parenting plans

Reviews of Kathleen McCann for Family Law

A great person to have on your side!

Kathy is an excellent lawyer who takes time to get to know you and your specific situation. She never sugar coats the options available to you or tries to push you in one direction or the other. And, she enjoys a great reputation within the legal community here in Vancouver, which is important when negotiating and going to court. I highly recommend her for anyone going through a divorce or other legal matters.

Jesse O.

Trustworthy Lawyer

Really never though I'd call an attorney trustworthy, but that is what Kathy McCann turned out to be. I was worried as a father that I wouldn't get good terms or a fair shake, but I did. Of course, no one wants to be divorced or have to fight for custody, but I must say that, now that's it's done, Ms McCann did a good job for me. She helped me along the way not to make things worse for myself and she gave me good advise. She was easy to contact and returned phone calls or emails quickly. She did a good job and I appreciate it.


Always felt confident with Kathleen

Kathleen walked me through the darkest, scariest thing I've ever been through. From my first meeting, I felt confident she understood my situation and gave me a realistic idea of what to expect. That's what I wanted from the experience; someone I could put my confidence in to get a reasonable result. I didn't want a shark attorney. I wanted someone I could trust and respect and I found that in Kathleen. She guided me from before separation and how to do that properly to transitioning back to the workforce. She knew how to handle hostile opposing counsel and how and when to settle. I was pleased to have Kathleen on my side and have recommended her to other people who are unfortunately in my same position. If you want real, honest, caring advocacy, Kathleen is a solid choice.


Thorough, sensitive and good results

Just wanted to let others know that Ms. McCann did an excellent job for me with my divorce. She was sensitive to my issues and guided me through the process so I got a reasonable amount and felt that she had a good rapport with the judge who complimented her for another case.


Unpretentiousness, Integrity, and Awareness

My experience with Kathy McCann as my divorce attorney can be summed up by using 3 words; unpretentiousness, integrity, and awareness. Kathy's understanding of life's most difficult situations, her commitment to playing fair no matter what is thrown her way and lastly her keen understanding of the attitudes and personalities of the environment she works in helped me tremendously in moving upward and onward in the next chapter in my life.

Geri Savage