5 Star Review Probate is the court supervised process in which property is transferred from the estate of a deceased person to his or her heirs and beneficiaries. It can involve a will or can involve an estate where the deceased did not leave a will. As an attorney in a probate, Kathleen assists individuals in qualifying as the personal representative of an estate and guide them in their job as personal representative. The probate process includes admission of a will to probate, qualifying a personal representative under a will or in an intestate (no will) estate, gathering and identifying estate assets, notifying creditors, paying the obligations of the estate, filing tax returns and distributing assets.

The probate process includes:

  • Review and analysis of the Will or other dispositive documents (trusts, life insurance policies, etc.).
  • Review and analysis the property owned by the decedent.
  • Preparation of the court documents necessary to probate the estate and qualify a personal representative.
  • Advise and guide the personal representative in the probate process in relation to their duties, creditor and heir notification, preparation of estate inventory, appraisal of assets, and filing of taxes.
  • Assist with the transfer and distribution of estate assets.

Kathleen McCann has represented persons in probate including:

  • Petitioners for admission of a will to probate
  • Petitioners for intestate (no will) estate administration
  • Representation of Personal Representatives throughout the probate process
  • Kathleen has served as a personal representative, as a guardian ad litem for minors in a probate, and as a minor settlement guardian ad litem in probates

Probate Attorney Reviews

I Trust Kathleen McCann

I first used the services provided by Kathleen McCann about 25 years ago (circa 1990). During a 35 year career in law enforcement, I met and interacted with a multitude of practicing attorneys in municipal, county, state and federal court systems. Kathleen McCann is one who long ago earned my trust. I have always counted on her to "tell me what I need to hear". She continues to be my attorney for family and personal matters. Kathleen McCann is also the attorney to whom I refer my family and friends.

Don Forman