Probate is the court-supervised process in which property is transferred from the estate of a deceased person to his or her heirs and beneficiaries. It can involve a will or an estate where the deceased did not leave a will. As an attorney in probate, Kathleen assists individuals in qualifying as the personal representative of an estate and guiding them in their personal representative job. The probate process includes admission of a will to probate, qualifying a personal representative under a will or in an intestate (no will) estate, gathering and identifying estate assets, notifying creditors, paying the estate’s obligations, filing tax returns, and distributing assets.

The probate process includes:

  • Review and analysis of the Will or other dispositive documents.
  • Review and analyze the property owned by the decedent.
  • Preparation of the court documents necessary to probate the estate and qualify a personal representative.
  • Advise and guide the personal representative in the probate process about their duties, creditor and heir notification, preparation of estate inventory.
  • Assist with the transfer and distribution of estate assets.

Kathleen McCann has represented persons in probate, including: