Probate without a Will

By |July 29th, 2019|Probate Attorney|

What Happens When Someone Passes Without A Will? If someone dies without a valid will they are said to have died “intestate”. Intestate means not having made a valid will before one dies. The Washington State Legislature, in effect, wrote a will for people who did not prepare their own will (RCW 11.04.015). [...]

Washington Ancillary Probate

By |November 29th, 2018|Probate Attorney|

Washington Ancillary Probate Usually a probate is started in the state where the person (the decedent) died and left assets. Sometimes there are assets in another state which require court ordered authority for the estate administrator to liquidate or gain control over an asset of the estate. What is an Ancillary Probate? An [...]

Probate Attorney Vancouver WA

By |March 31st, 2017|Probate Attorney|

Probate Attorney Vancouver WA When someone passes away, they may leave behind property and debts.  Often, a spouse, a son, a daughter, or friend manages these final tasks and helps to distribute their estate. Is a Court Needed for Probate? Sometimes this can be done without a court process. Where court action is [...]

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